What web browsers work with IDNs?

What web browsers work with IDNs?

Nearly all modern Web Browsers support IDNs: 

- Chome

- Firefox 

- Mozilla

- Opera

- Apple Safari

- Microsoft IE/Edge

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    • What are IDNs?

      An Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) is a domain name which uses non-ASCII characters like ö á ü 无线电 라디오. The ASCII-compatible encoding (ACE) standard is called "Punycode". IDNs are registered in ASCII characters, however, browsers convert the ...
    • How can I search for IDNs?

      You may search for available IDN domains in the same search box on the front page of dotFM @ https://dot.fm  
    • What languages are supported?

      You can find a list of supported languages below and at:  https://dot.fm/idn/ Chinese 无线电.fm  Japanese 無線.fm  Korean 라디오.fm  Cyrillic** гднф.fm  Latin* Rädîø.fm Hebre wש.fm  Arabic راديو.fm  Greek ῥὠἒή.fm  Thai วิทยุ.fm  Lao ວິທະຍຸ.fm  Myanmar ...
    • How do I transfer my domain name to my web hosting company?

      1) Log into your DMA 2) Click on the domain you wish to update (put a check mark next to the domain names if you wish to bulk update and click Modify Host DNS). 3) Enter the nameservers Primary, Secondary and Additional (optional). Please do not ...
    • How do I modify my domain information if it was registered on other web site or registrar?

      To modify server, contact or registrant information, please contact your Registrar directly for assistance.