What are IDNs?

What are IDNs?

An Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) is a domain name which uses non-ASCII characters like ö á ü 无线电 라디오. The ASCII-compatible encoding (ACE) standard is called "Punycode". IDNs are registered in ASCII characters, however, browsers convert the ASCII characters based on language mapping charts into non-ASCII characters.
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    • How can I search for IDNs?

      You may search for available IDN domains in the same search box on the front page of dotFM @ https://dot.fm  
    • What web browsers work with IDNs?

      Nearly all modern Web Browsers support IDNs:  - Chome - Firefox  - Mozilla - Opera - Apple Safari - Microsoft IE/Edge
    • What languages are supported?

      You can find a list of supported languages below and at:  https://dot.fm/idn/ Chinese 无线电.fm  Japanese 無線.fm  Korean 라디오.fm  Cyrillic** гднф.fm  Latin* Rädîø.fm Hebre wש.fm  Arabic راديو.fm  Greek ῥὠἒή.fm  Thai วิทยุ.fm  Lao ວິທະຍຸ.fm  Myanmar ...